Certificate in ThreadLift Course

Certificate in Threads - Cosmetology Certification Course

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What is Thread -Lift?

Every woman’s dream is never to age! Our skin’s glow and elasticity can be lost due to ageing and other factors like sunlight, smoking, stress, radiation and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. But with the recent advancement in cosmetology, you can fulfil this dream through a minimally invasive (that involves less trauma and faster recovery) procedure called thread-lift. Threadlift is a cosmetic procedure that helps tackle sags and folds on the skin. It is an effective alternative face-lift solution. It is also called a barbed suture lift, where invisible threads are placed in the skin for effective tightening. It is an easy and quick procedure which gives the skin on your face, neck or breasts a “lift” without surgery. The thread lift procedure has become the most popular minimally invasive option, an alternative to various surgical treatments. Thread-lift is gaining popularity among people unwilling to go under the knife. The technology allows for instant and profound results creating higher patient satisfaction.

What is Certificate in Threads - Cosmetology Certification Course from KAAM?

Healthcare professionals seeking to learn about thread lifts through hands-on training programs search for institutes that offer comprehensive training programs. At Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (KAAM), we have designed courses in aesthetic medicine for healthcare professionals who seek to learn about thread lifts through hands-on training programs. KAAM course in thread-lift provides intensive training to the students to make them practice-ready. This 1 -day program gives the student the flavour of the theoretical and hands-on approach to thread-lift procedures. This course is recommended for experienced and aspiring dermatologists, physicians and plastic surgeons pursuing a distinguished career or planning to open their ventures at national or international levels. This course combines lectures and hand-on-training (each with 50% weightage) where dermatologists will understand the thread lift procedure in detail to give their patients a more youthful appearance.


KAAM is an accredited institute which aims to inspire healthcare professionals to contribute to global advancement and a promising future through multi-disciplinary courses and world-class training. We provide a unique platform for healthcare professionals to learn and practice the different areas for thread-lift, which helps them cater to their patient's needs. We offer skills-based training to all professionals - hands-on training and theoretical demonstrations are provided to the students with easy-to-understand study materials. Workshops conducted during these training programs at our academy expose the students to many veterans of the aesthetic industry. At Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (KAAM), students are exposed to the practical aspects while learning and spend most of their time working and learning hands-on on real patients. This gives them the confidence to start practising immediately after the course. Our highly qualified aestheticians are dedicated to establishing a comprehensive training curriculum. This enables the students to upgrade their clinical skills for a better future and enhanced clientele! Our hands-on training course in thread-lift helps you gain expertise and make you practise-ready!


Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine constantly keeps pace with the emerging trends, innovations and the changing requirements of the industry. Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine reserves the right to update its curriculum as deemed fit from time to time
  • Eligibility : Dermatologist/ MBBS/ Plastic surgeons/ Physician
  • Theory and Hands-On
    • Introduction to Threads
    • Type of Threads
    • What's the need for Threads?
    • Indications & Client Selection and
    • Demonstration and Hands-On
    • Do's and Don'ts of Threads