Certification in Hair Transplant & Hair Fall Treatments

Cosmetology Trichology Courses for PRP (Hair) DR+Growth Factor, GFC, Qr678

As there is no one-size-fits-all solution for hair loss, a complete understanding of the underlying causes and the best therapies is required to treat hair fall. Aspiring professionals might profit greatly from specialised courses in hair loss treatment and management in numerous ways.

Some of the courses offered in trichology and hair fall treatment for individuals aspiring to succeed in this field are:

Postgraduate diploma in clinical cosmetology (PGDCC)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC) is a rigorous programme with a focus on aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology. Participants acquire advanced knowledge and practical skills in dermatological diseases, cosmetic operations, laser treatments, injectables, and skin and hair care techniques through an extensive curriculum. After completing clinical rotations and receiving practical training, graduates are qualified to evaluate patients, create treatment programmes, and carry out treatments with efficiency.

Masters in trichology and hair implant

This is an advanced programme that focuses on the study of hair and scalp diseases as well as cutting-edge hair transplantation techniques In order to prepare for specialised jobs in trichology and hair transplantation, participants develop competency in surgical hair restoration techniques as well as expertise in detecting and treating hair-related diseases.

Fellowship in hair transplant surgery

An intense programme centred on cutting-edge surgical hair restoration techniques is called a Fellowship in Hair Transplant Surgery. The process of hair transplantation, including follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT), is experienced firsthand by participants. Students have specialised training to ensure the best possible outcomes when performing hair restoration surgery.

Diploma in hair transplant and aesthetic medicine

The Diploma in Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Medicine offers comprehensive training in both hair restoration techniques and aesthetic procedures. Participants learn surgical and non-surgical approaches to hair transplantation, along with cosmetic treatments such as injectables and laser therapies. Graduates are equipped to provide holistic care for patients seeking aesthetic enhancements.

Benefits Of Trichology Course And Certifications In Hair Fall Treatments

Addressing hair loss requires a detailed understanding of the underlying causes and the most efficient therapies. Aspiring professionals might profit greatly from specialised courses in hair loss treatment and management in several ways.

Expert Knowledge

After taking these classes, participants will thoroughly understand the biology and anatomy of hair and the science underlying hair loss. Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning depends on this knowledge.

Diagnostic Skills

You will learn how to examine hair and scalp issues, identify the fundamental causes of hair loss, and choose the best treatment strategy for each instance.

Treatment Techniques

These courses offer a wide range of treatment choices, including non-surgical and surgical treatments, as well as sophisticated technologies including laser therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Business And Marketing Skills

These courses include business management and marketing strategies, preparing graduates to work in established salons or launch their salons.


Getting a certification helps to establish one’s credibility in the industry. It also enhances the employability value.

Why Should I Enrol For This Course At KAAM?

KAAM’s course on hair fall treatment and management is open to registered medical professionals and other allied healthcare professionals. We make sure that students in this course are exposed to the practical components of learning and that they will work and learn hands-on with actual patients for the majority of the time. They will have the self-assurance to begin practising right away following the training thanks to this. Our students will have the opportunity to network and engage with leading authorities in the fields of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology during the course. with our professionals to learn more about the course and its career prospects. The students will also be exposed to several brands of items used for the treatment and the most recent medical and technology advancements in the sector.
At KAAM, we believe a hands-on approach is essential to learn when one desires a career in cosmetic dermatology. Meet with our experts to learn more about the course and its career prospects.
In India, taking courses on managing and treating hair fall can lead to rewarding careers in cosmetology and trichology. These courses give participants the know-how, abilities, and proficiency needed to address the many causes of hair loss and help customers restore their self-worth and confidence. Whether you want to become a licenced trichologist, a hair transplant surgeon, or a specialist in non-surgical hair restoration, there are courses available to fit your interests and career aspirations. Invest in your studies to become one of the most knowledgeable professionals in India combating hair loss.


Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine constantly keeps pace with the emerging trends, innovations and the changing requirements of the industry. Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine reserves the right to update its curriculum as deemed fit from time to time


  • Hair Fall Treatment and Management
  • Eligibility :Dermatologist/MBBS/Plastic Surgeons/Physicians
  • Duration :5 days ( 4 days theory and 1 day hands-on)
  • Hair Basics
  • Hair Physiology
  • Hair Diagnosis & Evaluation for Hair-Loss
  • Treatment for Hair-Loss
  • Hair
    • Indications & Client Selection
    • Contraindications
    • Complications
    • PRP (Hair)
    • DR+Growth Factor
    • GFC
    • Qr678
    • Post Procedure Care
  • Live Demo & Hands-on
  • Consult Skills
    • Post Procedure Care
  • Pharmacology
    • Critiria to Select/Prescribe Medication