Aesthetic Medicine/Cosmetology Course for Dermatologists – What you must Know

-- September 01, 2022
The dermatology field is growing at an exponential rate because of the high demand for cosmetic services. An increasing number of people are investing in aesthetic medicine treatments to help them improve their appearance and feel great. So, if you are a medical professional who loves working with patients and exploring your mind in order to find out the cause of skin diseases, you should consider studying aesthetic medicine and cosmetology courses at KAAM Academy. It is becoming more popular among students as it is not only interesting but also has good career opportunities after doing the courses. This article will help you to understand the market growth in the aesthetic medicine and cosmetology sector, what aesthetic medicine and cosmetology courses are, who can do them, and how these courses impact on your career after completion of your education.

How dermatologists and other doctors can specialise themselves in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology courses

Medical professionals who specialise in dermatology can expand their dermato-surgical abilities by going through different training programs in Injectables and Lasers through certificate programs provided at various academies. MBBS doctors, Ayurvedic graduates, Dermatologists, or Homoeopathy experts can become aesthetic experts in the wake of finishing a crash course or a certificate course of one year. Gaining expertise in medical aesthetics or cosmetology allows one to work in national or international aesthetic clinics. They can also opt for starting their own ventures in India or abroad as the aesthetic medicine and cosmetology market is expanding rapidly every year.
Aesthetic courses focus on various skin, hair, and body services such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Laser Hair Reduction (LHR), botox and fillers. The keen aspect of KAAM courses is equal importance to the theory and hands-on training on injectables ( botox & fillers). Other modules include chemical peeling, pigmentation, skin tightening and conditioning, advanced spot reduction, hair loss/regrowth services, scar management, and other common aesthetic concerns. Along with theoretical studies, handling emergency situations, how to consult the clients with good communication skills and recommended body language are taught. Separate coursework for clinic setup framework and office management are discussed in detail.
Any MBBS graduate, plastic surgeon or physician can stay ahead of the curve pace with those innovations and changing trends of the industry by learning about botox treatment- mechanism, contraindications, technique of injecting the formulations, assessing the face and learning about post treatment care. Fillers are the new advanced technology and the course consists of selecting clients for the treatment, dermal and hydra fillers with their formulations, contraindications and the precautions one must take in order to do fillers. For Ayurveda or Homoeopathy graduates/experts, specific modules of skin physiology and anatomy, pigmentation, pharmacology and skills of consulting clients are included in our courses.
Not only doctors, nursing graduates can also establish a strong groundwork in the developing field of aesthetic medicine. They could opt for a 30 days course framework which includes theory as well as practical lectures on Laser Hair Reduction (LHR), skin tightening, botox & fillers, and many more. Chemical peeling is a module which is sought out by many professionals.

Academy for studying aesthetic medicine and cosmetology courses

Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (KAAM) offers aesthetic medicine and cosmetology training in which the medically trained professionals, attendants, doctors, dermatologists and paramedical work-force get the opportunity to join online courses in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The aesthetic training institute by Kosmoderma Skin Hair Body Clinics was founded by Dr. Chytra V Anand, an internationally renowned celebrity dermatologist. KAAM also provides 2-3 days workshop for aesthetic and cosmetology professionals who want to learn a particular or new skill. Short and long courses offer 360º openness and active experience for students who anticipate rehearsing or working in aesthetic facilities/clinics or the cosmetic business. KAAM syllabus is upgraded through continuous research and is packed with key theoretical plus practical knowledge to succeed in related workplaces.

Market growth in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology sector

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology stands tall with an estimated global medical aesthetic market and cosmetology size of USD 9.4 billion assessed in 2020. The Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology industry is growing with a promising CAGR of 10.9%. The projected global medical aesthetic market and cosmetology size in 2025 is USD 15.9 billion.
There are several factors that account for global market growth. With the beginning of selfie culture and an openness towards conversation about aesthetic services, it appears to be normal that new age clients have a growing interest in cosmetology &  medical aesthetics at a young age. Among all age groups, the young generations show key interest. The spending capabilities have been increased among the people as compared to their incomes. Working on their actual appearance, lessening scars, and reproducing deformed regions is what medical aesthetics stands for and youth know it better today than in the past. Individuals now feel more confident and comfortable to work on their appearance by perfecting facial highlights like jaw, lips or nose or going through innovative aesthetic services. Thanks to countless aesthetic and cosmetology professionals worldwide for demystifying the stigmas around injectables and related services.
Many do cosmetology courses to boost their aesthetic medicine career. They can work with reputed aesthetic centres and medical clinics overall or can begin their pioneering ventures.  As you see, with its amazing opportunities that the Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology sector offers to us as a whole, and the huge potential for career progression in this field, it is not a surprise why more and more people are interested in joining these courses. If you are also one of them, you should also check out our courses. KAAM is the best choice for students who want to study in this field. The academy always strives to give energetic students a holistic and complete learning experience with 360-degree growth opportunities, active mentoring sessions on live models and real-time clinic observership sessions.
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