What are the Top Job Options After Cosmetology Courses?

-- August 02, 2023
“Mirror Mirror on the wall- Tell me who is the fairest of them all!”- Have we not heard this quote and seen the movie in which it was spoken?
From olden times, being beautiful was every woman's dream, and they showed us that they could go to any lengths to obtain it- It's the same today also! Women are exploring different options to look better, from taking care of their skin, nails and hair to undergoing procedures to look younger and cure skin ailments.
The need for enhanced beauty treatments and the demand to transform ones self gave rise to a branch called Cosmetology or Aesthetic medicine. While looking good at all times is the trend in today's era, this has increased the demand for cosmetology courses, leading to institutes like Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (KAAM) KAAM to train individuals and provides certification that opens many career options for doctors and beauticians in the private sector and the glamour world.

What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the study of beauty treatments as well as skincare. Cosmetology courses are divided into medical cosmetology (clinical cosmetology) or non-medical cosmetology (beautician). A non-medical cosmetologist is a beautician (working in a salon), who specialises in skin care, hair care and nail care, whereas a medical cosmetologist is a medical professional with a degree who manages skin ailments.

How is the course different for Healthcare professionals and for Beauticians?

Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (KAAM) offers a certification course for doctors in clinical cosmetology and for beauticians in non-medical cosmetology. The course is divided into basic and advanced levels and can range from days to months depending upon the choice of the course. The eligibility criteria to enrol for this course:
Clinical cosmetology
A medical degree from a recognised medical college (MBBS, BDS, MDS, BAMS, BHMS) or any other alternative medicine field.
Non-medical cosmetology
  • For a basic course - Students should have passed class 10th from a recognised school.
  • For advanced levels- Students should have completed the basic course
  • For diploma courses- Students should have completed 10+2 from a recognised board or school
  • For a postgraduate diploma- Students should have completed an advanced diploma from a recognised beauty institute.

What are the benefits of a certification in Cosmetology?

Aesthetic medicine is evolving in leaps and bounds due to the increased interest from medical professionals and consumers (patients) who are demanding customised cosmetic solutions to enhance their appearance. There are many benefits of taking a certificate course in Cosmetology for doctors and non-medical non-medicals as the world is evolving, and so is the technology to make one look glamorous.
For medical professionals
  • You will learn the basics of aesthetic medicine and get hands-on training on real patients - This will make you ready to take up patients immediately after completing the course.
  • You will learn from the best industry experts in this course from KAAM- This will give you insights into the latest technology and trends in the industry.
  • You can add these services to your portfolio- If you are a healthcare professional and have a private practice, then this hands-on training course from KAAM is vital. After completing this course, you can add these procedures to your daily practices and increase your client base.
  • You can increase your earnings- You will be earning a dual income- one from treating the patients and the other from performing the procedures on clients to enhance their appearance, after learning hands-on from this course
  • You can increase your expertise by networking- If you are a practising dermatologist, this course will help you scale your practice by teaching you how to network with clients and increase your clientele.
  • You can start your clinical set-up- If you are a fresher medical professional and want to pursue a career in cosmetology, this course will guide you in setting up your practice and earning successfully.
  • You can employ others- As your practice increases, so will the demand for new technicians, doctors, nurses, etc. You can employ new people by creating new job opportunities.

Some Reasons Why An Aesthetician Should Do This Course

  • You can help your clients improve their appearance and provide guidance concerning skin ailments- This will boost their self-esteem and confidence.
  • You can work in shifts or even freelance - normally, aestheticians work in doctors' clinics, spas, etc., and have a 6 hr- 8 hr shifts, thereby allowing you to spend more time with family. You can even freelance and take up assignments - this gives you the freedom to explore other avenues of work.
  • You can earn well- There is a great demand for medical aestheticians as more dermatology clinics are being set up due to increased demand for skin treatment procedures. You will have many opportunities to work in these places, which can be highly rewarding monetarily.
  • You can specialise in other niche areas- If you are interested in exploring and learning more about aesthetic medicine, then you can specialise in hair removal, spa rejuvenation treatment, pedicure and manicure after completing this course. After your post-graduation, you can become a head technician or a manager in these areas- this will increase your earnings as you will be a specialist in these niche areas.
  • You can be an entrepreneur and open your spa - This takes time, but the rewards are astonishing once your spa is fully functional.
  • You can start teaching - If you are academically inclined, you can teach at a cosmetology school after completing the course and be an instructor.
  • You can become a beauty instructor- You can be a full-timer to a freelancer who teaches beauticians the latest technology and trends in the industry and helps them get hands-on training on new equipment.


Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine constantly keeps pace with the emerging trends, innovations and the changing requirements of the industry, which helps the students stay abreast in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. At KAAM, we take pride in maintaining the highest standard of discipline and behaviour, which helps the students to perform and excel in any organisation in the highly-competitive cosmetic industry. At KAAM, we ensure that students can have a great learning experience without burdening their pockets by offering EMI options for their fees. Taking up the courses at KAAM will aid the students in discovering seamless career opportunities, building entrepreneurial ventures and becoming signature personalities in the aesthetic industry. Reach out to our expert to enrol for these courses.
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