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News, -- May 19, 2022
Aesthetic professional Courses
Despite inflation and disruption in the global supply chain, aesthetic medicine stands tall with a market size of USD 14.5 billion in 2022. The aesthetic medicine & cosmetology industry remained far from the worst hit by the pandemic. It effortlessly whisked off the effects of lockdowns and is pacing with a promising CAGR of 9.2%. The projected market size in 2027 is an astounding USD 29.1 billion!
The aesthetic medicine industry's growth is not going to slow down anytime soon because the need to look good is indigenous to every human. Today, we have the technological advancement to materialise the primaeval desire to look young. Also, we now have on-invasive or minimally invasive procedures like botox, fillers, and liposuction with easy access to minimise all visible signs of ageing. Collectively these factors boosted the demand for aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.
Among all age groups, the young population seeks aesthetic services the most! An unquenchable desire to look better and additional money at their disposal makes them try every new aesthetic service coming to the market. The only question that remains is are there enough aesthetic medicine professionals to address the growing demand.

360º exposure and hands-on experience

Here Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, abbreviated KAAM comes into the picture. The aesthetic training institute by Kosmoderma Skin Hair Body Clinics was founded by Dr. Chytra V Anand, a globally renowned celebrity dermatologist. One of the most recognizable Indian personalities in the global dermatology and cosmetology fraternity. The institute offers courses that provide 360º exposure and hands-on experience for professionals who look forward to practising or working in aesthetic clinics/hospitals or the cosmetic industry.
Ayurvedic practitioners, dentists, nurses, and homoeopathy professionals can leverage the growing demand for medical aesthetic procedures. Mastering aesthetic medicine/cosmetology skill in trade adds an extra layer of value and demand for their service. It opens up career opportunities in India or abroad and assures 3X times higher salary packages.
Not just that, the academy also offers courses to students who completed their 10th or 12th and are wondering what to choose next. Many opt to do a beautician course that lets their career grow no further beyond spas or clinics. But medical aesthetic training can take them a long way in their career. They can work with reputed aesthetic clinics and hospitals worldwide or can start their entrepreneurial ventures.
KAAM training ensures their students do not face any bottlenecks in their careers. That's why the academy foresees and updates its syllabus regularly to include the latest and upcoming technological practices. Dr. Chytra V Anand's active presence in global dermatology/cosmetology research communities adds to it.
The academy continues to inspire passionate students with 360-degree learning experience, complete in all prospects with over-the-shoulder mentoring, hands-on practical sessions on live models, and substantial hours of clinic observership. Recently, KAAM got affiliated with the Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research (EBVTR). It is a non-profit organisation and an autonomous education society registered under the Government of India
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