Do Dermatology/Cosmetology courses have bright prospects?

-- August 02, 2023
In today's era, patients visit dermatologists for medical treatment and cosmetic reasons. People, especially celebrities, are conscious about their appearance and want more than just skin treatment- they want to look different and beautiful. This field is evolving in leaps and bounds due to the increased interest from medical professionals and clients (patients) demanding customized cosmetic solutions to enhance their appearance.
Before we understand whether dermatology and cosmetology courses have bright prospects, we must first understand the difference between a dermatologist, cosmetologist and cosmetic dermatologist.
Dermatology is the study of any medical condition that affects the skin, hair, nails and any membrane of the body. A dermatologist is a medical doctor who studies, researches, diagnoses and manages these skin conditions. You need to complete your MBBS degree and then do a postgraduate in dermatology (2 to 3 years) to become a dermatologist.
Cosmetology is the study of beauty treatments as well as skincare. Cosmetology courses are divided into medical cosmetology (clinical cosmetology) or non-medical cosmetology (beautician). A non-medical cosmetologist is a beautician (working in a salon) who specialises in skin care, hair care and nail care. In contrast, a medical cosmetologist is a medical professional with a degree who treats cosmetic skin conditions.
Cosmetic Dermatology is the branch of dermatology that treats skin, cellulite, nails and hair conditions medically or surgically. Surgical procedures in cosmetic dermatology repair and reshape the natural structures of the skin or body for an improved appearance. A cosmetic dermatologist is a medical professional who is a specialist in treating skin conditions and performs skin procedures for cosmetic purposes (treating acne, hair loss, and scars performs procedures to improve the sagging of the skin, contouring of the chin, increase the plumpness of the lips, removing the signs of ageing from the skin, etc.).

What Are The Benefits For a Medical Professional Of Doing Dermatology/ Cosmetology Courses?

Everyone is under the impression that a dermatologist treats skin ailments and a cosmetologist helps make people look “beautiful”, but wait- it's more than that. Cosmetologists can be doctors (specialists), nurses and aestheticians who treat skin conditions and perform procedures that make your skin look younger and ageless. associated with it. Dermatologists can specialise in cosmetology (cosmetic dermatologists) and help relieve people suffering from long-term skin issues like acne and hyperpigmentation, which can lower self-esteem.
Hands-on training courses in cosmetology/ dermatology from the Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (KAAM) are vital if you are a healthcare professional and have a private practice.
  • You will learn the basics of cosmetology/ dermatology and get hands-on training on real patients - This will prepare you to take up patients immediately after completing the course.
  • You will learn from the best industry experts in this course from KAAM- This will give you insights into the latest technology and trends in the industry.
  • You can add these services to your portfolio- If you are a healthcare professional and have a private practice, then this hands-on training course from KAAM is vital. After completing this course, you can add these procedures to your daily practices and increase your client base.
  • You can increase your earnings- You will earn a dual income- one from treating the patients and the other from performing the procedures on clients to enhance their appearance, after learning hands-on from this course.
  • You can increase your expertise by networking- If you are a practising dermatologist, this course will help you scale your practice by teaching you how to network with clients and increase your clientele.
  • You can start your clinical set-up- If you are a fresher medical professional and want to pursue a career in cosmetology, this course will guide you in setting up your practice and earning successfully.
  • You can employ others- As your practice increases, so will the demand for new technicians, doctors, nurses, etc. You can employ new people by creating new job opportunities.


KAAM is an accredited institute which aims to inspire healthcare professionals to contribute to the global advancement and a promising future through multi-disciplinary courses and world-class training. We provide a unique platform for healthcare professionals to learn and practice the different techniques in dermatology/ cosmetology, which helps them cater to their patient's needs. We offer skills-based training to all professionals - hands-on training and theoretical demonstrations are provided to the students with easy-to-understand study materials. Workshops conducted during these training programs at our academy expose the students to many veterans of the aesthetic industry.
At Kosmoderma Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (KAAM), students are exposed to the practical aspects while learning and spend most of their time working and learning hands-on on real patients. This gives them the confidence to start practising immediately after the course. Our highly qualified aestheticians are dedicated to establishing a comprehensive training curriculum. This enables the students to upgrade their clinical skills for a better future and enhanced clientele! Our hands-on training courses in Dermatology/ Cosmetology helps you gain expertise and make you practise-ready!
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