Job Oriented Cosmetology and Dermatology Courses after 12th/PG

Cosmetology Courses, Dermatology Courses -- October 18, 2023
Social media awareness has brought on a huge spike in the interest shown by people in beauty and wellness. Everyone wants to look flawless and have beautiful skin, lustrous hair, and the perfect hourglass figure. Open any social media page, and you will be bombarded with videos on skincare tips, hair care tips, home workouts, makeup tutorials and hacks on how to achieve flawless skin and an hourglass figure in the shortest time possible! The beauty and wellness industry is the obvious choice if you wish to have a flourishing career with the amount of interest it garners. But how does one enter the field of professional cosmetology or dermatology? What are the various courses in cosmetology and dermatology? Read along to know more.
Cosmetology and dermatology are multidisciplinary fields that integrate various areas of beauty and wellness. This branch involves not only enhancing a person’s physical appearance but also boosting self-confidence and overall well-being. From getting scar removal treatment, chemical peels, and laser liposuction to getting your hair styled and makeup done, a professional cosmetologist or dermatologist is responsible for all these things. Cosmetology is seen as a medical as well as non-medical discipline. While dermatology usually requires a medical background, there are some courses that can be taken at the undergraduate level, too.
After completing your 12th grade, you can enrol yourself in several certificate and diploma courses that various beauty institutes offer. Here are some of the courses that you can be eligible for.
  • Diploma Courses These short-term courses can last anywhere from 30 days to 6 months or one year. They are comprehensive courses that provide in-depth knowledge of the chosen specialisation. Thorough theoretical knowledge, along with practical training, is the highlight of these courses. Most colleges and institutes also offer placements for their students. Some of the commonly chosen diploma courses include the following-
    • Diploma in cosmetology
    • Diploma in hairstyling
    • Diploma in professional makeup
    • Advanced diploma in aesthetics
    • Diploma in massage therapy/spa therapy
    • Diploma in laser Aesthetics.
  • Certification Programmes These are courses that offer specialised training in specific beauty and skincare techniques. These programmes are of a short duration and are suitable to kickstart a career in the field of cosmetology. Their short duration also makes them the ideal choice for established professionals who want to add to their knowledge base and expand their business or who want to branch out into other areas of cosmetology. Here is a list of some of the popular certification courses.
    • Certificate course in hair designing
    • Certificate course in professional make-up
    • Basic certificate course in cosmetic dermatology
    • Basic certificate course in clinical dermatology
    • Certificate course in herbal beauty therapy
    • Certificate course in massage therapy
    • Certificate course in beauty culture
    • Certificate course in mehendi design/nail art
    • Certificate course in aromatherapy
Meeting The Eligibility Criteria For Cosmetology And Dermatology Courses
The eligibility criteria for these courses vary based on the college or institution. For all these courses, you need to have cleared your 12th grade in a science background. Some colleges may interview to assess your eligibility for the courses. There are a few other factors that weigh in on the college’s decision to admit you into one of their courses. These include-
  • Good communication skills
  • Pleasing personality
  • Willingness to learn
  • Creativity and thinking on the go
  • Good grasp of the various beauty products, their uses, side-effects and the ability to market them well.
Job Opportunities After Completing Cosmetology And Dermatology Courses
A diploma or certificate course in any of the numerous branches of cosmetology and dermatology is a good way to get a foothold in the beauty and wellness industry. Once you gain a strong hold over your place in the competitive field, you can keep yourself ahead in the game by adding more diplomas and certifications to your kitty. As a cosmetologist, you can work in wellness centres and salons. Your job responsibilities would be hairstyling, make-up, skin treatments, cosmetic procedures, etc. You would also be expected to advise and encourage clients to take up the various treatments the salon has to offer. Marketing their products would also be a part of your job profile.
As a dermatologist, you would be involved in assisting the doctors and senior technicians in procedures like laser treatments, botox injections, body sculpting procedures, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, microneedling, etc. You can also go solo and set up your own business venture or become a freelancer. Makeup artists, hair stylists, beauticians, mehendi artists, and nail artists are always in demand, especially during the wedding season, in the film and television industries, the fashion industry and the theatre industry.
In conclusion, the beauty and wellness industry right now is booming, offering a plethora of options for people genuinely interested in cosmetology and dermatology. You can choose one of the several diploma courses or certificate programmes and gain entry into this magical world. Developing excellent communication and marketing skills, staying creative and keeping on adding to the technical knowledge will help you stay ahead of your peers in the competitive world. With advancements in skincare, wellness and makeup trends, the need for new skilled and updated technicians in these fields is always high, thus ensuring a promising future for you. Pursuing a career in the beauty and wellness industry by taking up a course in cosmetology or dermatology after completing your 12th grade can be financially fulfilling, and you will have guaranteed job satisfaction.

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